By Vivek Pattanayak in Bhubaneswar, October 25, 2022: When Ashutosh Shabalala, an Odia now a European citizen, authored the book, “Rising Elephant,” the book that was sold in million copies, he described how the Indian techies are entering US, UK, and Europe in hordes. They are simply unstoppable in their rise to dominate IT sector.

Some Indian scientific talent, he wrote, have gone into technologically advanced NASA and overly sensitive Pentagon, likely to hold key strategic positions in future. He never predicted that young Indians would also join politics in the West and become known and even become Prime Minister.

Interestingly Rishi Sunak, aged forty-two, is son-in-law of the famous Narayana Murthy of great Infosys, the IT giant not only of India but also of the world. Not that since Ashutosh authored his famous book the persons of the Indian origin have not gone to the top of political echelon. Bobby Jindal became Governor of the State of Louisiana and had presidential aspirations.

Kamala Harris became the Vice President of USA. Leo Varadkar, the Prime Minister of Ireland was half Indian and half Irish. His father was Mumbai born Indian and mother was Irish. Antonio Costa, the Prime Minister of Portugal was half Portuguese and half Indian from Goa. The British Columbia in Canada had Ujjal Dosanjh as Premier. Even sub-continental Indian, Jasmeet Singh the leader of New Democratic Liberal Party gives the crucial support to Justin Trudeau in Canada to remain in power till 2025.

Rishi Sunak, however, was the first Indian both from mother’s side and father’s side to become the British Prime Minister .Not only he is an Indian, but he is also Hindu. When he was running last time against Liz Truss for the Tory leadership, he was seen in a Hindu temple offering prayers. In Britain Prime Ministers were invariably Christians, notable exception being Disraeli, a Jew, and also a Tory and that too a hardcore conservative.

Rishi Sunak would be the first Hindu Prime Minister of UK. In recent times a lot of Indian origin politicians have been in the British cabinet. Boris Johnson had Sunak as the Chancellor of Exchequer, Priti Patel as Home Secretary and Liz Truss had Suella Braverman as Home Secretary.

Teressa May had Rishi as a junior minister. Incidentally, many Indian professionals have held high positions in police, civil service, academia, and business although their names do not touch media headlines. One of them is almost unknown to the present generation of the Indians is Vijender Singh from Mewar princely family who had participated in the Hyderabad police action as a sub-altern at youthful age of seventeen as a part of Mewar army.

He joined the British Royal Airforce, and later he went on secondment to British Civil Aviation Authority. He went to become the President of the Air Navigation Commission of International Civil Aviation Organization. The British society has become racially mixed since last five decades with inflow of immigrants from South Asia, Africa, and Caribbean. With Britain joining European Common Market which became European Union over time, immigration from other parts of Europe took place.

For centuries Britain has huge Irish population. In Britain, although socially racial discrimination has not been effaced just as the caste discrimination from the Indian society but there has been enormous amount of tolerance to the immigrants apart from the fact, they are needed for running the economy with the rising old-age population of the white origin, and modern trend of small family.

Only after the Islamic terrorist surfaced not only in UK but also in rest of Europe dislike for immigrants began. One should not forget how liberal Angela Merkel towards refugees from the Middle East was escaping from the civil war in Syria, Libya and rise of monstrous ISIS. London had also elected a Muslim Pakistani as a Mayor. In whole of Europe UK has been the most tolerant to immigration because of its imperial past.

Although emotional integration of races has not taken place, and certainly far from complete the AngloSaxon whites have generally tolerated the immigrants from erstwhile colonies even if the third generation of immigrants cheers and support teams of mother countries in a cricket match against England.

No wonder there would be joy and excitement in India with Rishi Sunak being sworn in as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Churchill would turn in his grave when an Indian would enter the Buckingham Palace to be appointed as Prime Minister by King Charles III. “A naked Fakir” he had said “would meet His Majesty” when Mahatma Gandhi was to meet the King George in Buckingham Palace.

How the times have changed. Globalists would however hope that in Britain, nobody would threaten to shave off his/her head in protest. As of Rishi Sunak, he has undoubtedly demonstrated his professional skill as the Chancellor of Exchequer and showed practical and pragmatic approach to the rising financial crisis of Britain during his previous campaign to enter 10 Downing Street. How much he would succeed as Prime Minister to lead the country politically is yet another matter with hardcore Conservative Party members and hardliners on Brexit.

How will he manage the looming economic challenges which Great Britain is facing as the Leader will be another question? His choice of the Chancellor of Exchequer will be a crucial decision. He should not breathe down his/her neck because of his background however may be the temptation.

His confidence to fight for the top position in the vast majority of white conservative party members and grit to try again successfully speak volumes about his shrewdness, support and maneuverability, the essential ingredients needed to go to the top of the political ladder.

In India one should not expect that because he is of the Indian origin, he would favour India in all respect. He is a British citizen. In all fairness he would be the British first and the Indian next. It must be understood that he would be subject to intense microscopic scrutiny by the white British conservatives. In order to be successful, he has to work twice as hard.

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