Odisha seeks higher allocation of funds for infra development

By Bizodisha Bureau, Bhubaneswar, June 23, 2024: The new BJP government headed by Mohan Charan Majhi in Odisha has submitted a mem   More »

Odisha reports 5 deaths and 18 suspected Diphtheria cases

By Bizodisha Bureau, Bhubaneswar, June 19, 2024: Five deaths and 18 suspected cases of diphtheria were detected in Odisha, accordi   More »

Naveen elected leader of opposition in Odisha Assembly

By Bizodisha Bureau, Bhubaneswar, June 19, 2024: BJD president and former Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Wednesday was unanimous   More »

CBI raids 67 locations in Odisha over alleged postal recruitment forgery

By Bizodisha Bureau, Bhubaneswar, June 13, 2024: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Thursday carried out searches at ove   More »

Mohan Majhi takes oath as Odisha’s new CM, Cabinet decides to re-open all the four gates of the Jagannath temple

By Bizodisha Bureau, Bhubaneswar, June 12, 2024: Four-time MLA and tribal leader Mohan Charan Majhi was on Wednesday sworn in as t   More »

Mohan Charan Majhi, A Security Guard’s Son, To Be Odisha Chief Minister

By Bizodisha Bureau, Bhubaneswar, June 11, 2024: Four-time MLA Mohan Charan Majhi will be the next Chief Minister of Odisha, senio   More »

In & Out

Relevance of John Maynard Keynes @141 for India

Professor Satya Narayan Misra in Bhubaneswar, June 10, 2024: Three economists have straddled the policy space globally, as no one   More »

The Constitution at the Cross Roads

Professor Satya Narayan Misra in Bhubaneswar, May 21, 2024: Rahul Gandhi, flaunting a copy of the Indian Constitution and, assurin   More »

Special Report

BJP Govt In Odisha faces tough challenge

By Nageshwar Patnaik in Bhubaneswar, June 16, 2024: It took 24 years and 99 days to see the change of guard in Odisha’s power co   More »

Mining & Metals

Nalco’s mining lease deed with Odisha government shoots up its stock by 4.5%

By Bizodisha Bureau, Bhubaneswar, June 14, 2024: The public sector National Aluminium Company (Nalco) on Friday executed a mining   More »

Tata Steel’s Kalinganagar expansion nears completion, to be operational by December next year

By Bizodisha Bureau, Bhubaneswar, December 18, 2023: Tata Steel is set to complete the expansion of its Kalinganagar project by De   More »

Face To Face

Practice Home Therapy at the early stage of COVID-19: Cavanna

Covid-19 pandemic has devastated the whole world and with vaccine still eluding mankind, Home Therapy could go a long way to check   More »

Recognise Aluminium as an essential sector: Mario Conserva

Aluminium is the most widely used metal in the world after stainless steel. In fact, Aluminium and its alloys are the material for   More »


Pather Panchali As One of the Greatest Global Movies

By Satya Narayan Misra in Bhubaneswar, August 2, 2023: The Time magazine has identified the hundred greatest movies during the las   More »

The Greatest Living Actor: Meryl Streep at 74

By Prof Satya Narayan Misra* in Bhubaneswar, June 23, 2023: Not all movie stars are created equal. If you were to trap all of Holl   More »

Money Mantra

India’s digital banking booms post Covid-19 pandemic

By Bizodisha Bureau, Bhubaneswar, April 16, 2020: Digital banking has boomed following the Coronavirus pandemic with countrywide l   More »