By Biswaraj Patnaik in Puri, November 11, 2021: The Mamita Meher murder case has caused more flutter than the weirdest, craziest crime event of Odisha in the new millennium. Even after nabbing the accused and getting a cool confession by the cruel guy to having killed the frail girl in a very heinous manner, the political opponents are not willing to calm down. Out of one hundred agitators in the bandwagon, not one soul has ceased to scream ‘foul’. Odisha tv, evidently has chosen to carry crap.

The hopelessly vanquished political opponents have no other alternative left except resorting to laughable theatrics, a very normal phenomenon of the times. Just to avoid withering away into oblivion, the nearly forgotten opposing creatures have joined the bandwagon of mindless critics just for the heck of it.

The political opponents of Odisha chief minister Naveen Patnaik have become increasingly hopeless about their conclusively marred future ! This fact has become undeniable particularly in the fifth term of ‘Naveen rule’ during which countless opponents have deserted age-old home turf to merge into the BJD fold just to remain live in public domain. The Congress has been reduced to a mere name- nay an abstract idea in Odisha, and the mighty BJP is only an insignificant midget in Odisha ruled by Naveen Patnaik considered perfectly invincible.

During this joyful period for the BJD when hearts of the opponents are constantly being roasted on fire, the Mamita murder case happened. The crushed to dust BJP biggies of Odisha imagined the full moon did land in hand and they would make all wishes and wildest dreams come true. They decided to put up the Mamita Meher murder as the biggest issue of the decade, which would easily overthrow the Naveen administration.

The Mamita Meher primary story need not be told elaborately as every one knows the chronology of events. What the common folks fail to figure out is how the incumbent home minster of state has no role in the crime in any manner- at least so far as the investigation is unfolding the story methodically without having been able to lay hand on one piece of evidence of the minister’s complicity.

The principal enemy’s Otv has morphed visuals to drive people into believing that minister Dibyashankar and the self-confessed psychopathic killer are great pals. The tv in question even went on showing a college event as that happening at a smalltime school owned and run by the prime accused. The Sahu fellow had personally hired Mamita as the principal of the little ownership school.

Mamita was never a part of the college. The members of the governing body of the college too never cared about her. Evidently Otv has been doing disservice to society by fiercely misleading and confusing people with gross misinformation and nonsense. The minister has repeatedly pleaded with people or accusers to put up one piece of evidence to effect his self-dismissal. But none of the screamers have been able to satisfy this single humblest demand.

Shri Santok Singh Saluja, a highly respectable sitting legislator, has also joined hands with headless political opponents in the matter. He has said publicly that Dibyashankar had even gone out of the way to have transport the killer, the would be victim and himself to his Raipur flat for persuading Mamita Meher to desist from exposing the dark deeds of Gobinda Sahoo, his bosom buddy.

Thorough research indicates this has not happened as the housing complex staff particularly keeping those keeping vigil on people’s movement would say. If by some trick, the three have entered and exited by intoxicating the janitors and guards to faintness, this argument would of course fail. But the investigating agency alone will come up with that core truth. Further, the family members of late Mamita have trashed these allegations openly in a press event even while mourning. Mamita had not gone out of town even for half a day.

The biggest benefactor of the Mahalinga college on record, former union minister Bhakta CharanDas, now merrily paints Dibyashankar as his handmade product lately gone astray. As per official information, he has organised maximum grants for the worthy college during his heydays, but pins blames on the incumbent minister for having made funds available to Gobinda Sahu due to personal relationship. People are deceptively told by Bhakta Charan Das that because of indiscriminate public grants of money to Gobind’s institution, the minister had best of times at the college including luxury stay and fun. All this have been dispelled thoroughly by the straight talking members of the college governing body.

Lastly to the most shocking part of the story : Saumya Ranajan Patnaik literally resurrected by the BJD biggies, stood to benefit the most at a time when he was completely lost in the political ecosystem of Odisha despite being the only recognised media baron of Odisha. He is the pioneer of corporate media in Odisha.His enterprise Eastern Media has churned out nearly all known media guys of today.He is very highly educated with enviable formal exposure in and out of the country. But he too has gone crazy in the Mamita Meher murder matter.

Incidentally, after the corrupt, defamed Janaki Patnaik regime was discarded by the masses, Saumya was swept away by the cleansing wind blown systematically by the BJD administrators. Decades later, when he recognised the fact that there is no other livable political home except the BJD, by flaunting his media power trickily, he managed to enter the BJD fold with the opening reward of a Rajya Sabha berth. Then he imagined he would do better as a state legislator. BJD granted him that too. But as the stringent track record scrutiny put him aside, he could never become minister.

Hence his current fury and rage on display. He turned so ungrateful as to compare the horrifically shameful CM Janaki Patnaik-AG Indrajit Rai friendship episode with Naveen being kind to Dibyashankar in the Mamita Meher controversy. What Saumya Babu has failed to figure out is that in the Anjana Mishra molestation matter, the advocate general Rai fellow was directly accused by a living and kicking Anjana as a rapist-molester whom Janaki the chief minster never dropped or punished despite tumultuous state-wide outcry.

Anjana is a live victim nursing injuries even today. Janaki Ballav Patnaik for reasons best known to him and God kept shielding Indrajit until he himself got unceremoniously dislodged and tossed into the dark corners by the Congress high command. BJD was ushered in and has been gaining ground since then doing better for every successive term across five elections in 21 long years.

But Mamita Meher never lived to identify the murderer. Meanwhile Gobinda Sahu has been nabbed and he has confessed to the heinous crime. Further, till date not an iota of evidence has been put up by anyone living, man or beast against Dibyashankar, the minister. Law is taking its course which is way beyond the state police system. The law courts are being ignored by the agitating men and women seemingly because all of them are headless.

So, Saumyababu has lost sanity of thinking. ‘Janaki-Indrajit-Anjana’ episode is certainly not analogous with ‘Naveen-Dibya-deceased Mamita’case.

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