By Biswaraj Patnaik in Puri, May 24, 2019: Great political analysts and sociological researchers are confused as to what could have caused the landslide victory for Naveen Patnaik against an enormously hostile and ‘Modi-electrified’ landscape across India. Nearly all the psephologists had predicted a small number victory for the NDA, for which the saffron honchos had left no stone unturned in keeping several pro and neutral political outfits, pan India, in good humour with the understanding for a mutual support relationship to form government at the centre.

Modi himself was rattled by the predictions of a hung parliament like situation. Most of the super brains had given the Modi-lead NDA maximum 272 seats. The Modi team therefore organised sweet links with all the neutral outfits not too close to Congress or the UPA allies.

Besides all this, Modi went on a terrific spree of grabbing all kinds of divine blessings by even landing in a Himalayan cave and his market strategists had the acts filmed or video graphed the way they would have shot Swami Yogananda with latest cameras and a fantastic crew. Multiple cameras were located strategically to take long, medium and close shots apart from a number of miss-en and montage sequences to make Modi appear like a political superstar.

Every move was perfectly pre-planned like in a movie magnum opus. Then they put it on the social media like the most potent virus. When the short movie went viral without any antidote in sight, the gullible communities were floored like crazy; but the sane world whose strength is only negligible had the best laugh of the century. Modi went into an act of a supremely emancipated, enlightened sage sitting in very difficult and complex yogic postures to show that he is no smaller than any sage or saint.

All this plus the ‘Balakot’ events claim virtually turned him a super Messiah in the minds and hearts of the masses that come out to vote at booths. Hence the enviable Modi victory! All said and done, the PM did need a second term without which not much can be done by any regime, no matter who the boss is.

Furthermore, the whole world had predicted the Modi-lead NDA would form government because Congress had committed several acts of ‘Harakiri’ under the stewardship of Rahul Gandhi hugely defamed due to relationship with Robert Vadra like creatures. The people of India also had decided this time to dismiss leaders indulging in dynastic power sharing. The present day Congress leaders have been lately exposed as Sonia family slaves for the simplest reason of not being confident of themselves due to lack of Star power and charisma. The Congress of 1885 is not the same as of today.

The original Congress was formed to form a band of patriots to bring Independence to the country from the British rule. It was expected to be disbanded immediately after Independence. But self-serving members turned it into a full fledged political outfit and fitted in smugly to become new masters of the Indians. Steadily it degenerated into a horrible, wicked political party which was slyly captured as family property of the Nehru clan descendants.

It suited the saffron brigade of today to show the Congress leaders in perfectly bad light as all members have chosen to remain slave to a few Nehru descendants. Modi had won on the same plank in 2014- showcasing the Congress misrule and dynastic structure. This time around they performed more theater to good effect-projecting Modi as a saintly figure. Even the really practicing Yogi called ‘Adityanath’ looked like a Disney cartoon character with his characteristic wide-mouth smile. Besides, there was a Modi-wave blowing invisibly particularly in the second and the third phases of polling. All these factors put together caused the landslide victory for the BJP except in Odisha.

Modi and Shah put their blood, sweat and all the accumulated energy by making frequent Odisha visits like to no other region with the sole view to capturing the hearts of the Odia people in vain. Modi was rather guarded and cautious while slamming the Naveen administration on flimsy and stupid grounds; but Shah, the impetuous, crude character that he is, kept blasting the Odisha government non-stop.

The polls were held peacefully and the results now show there is no ‘Modi impact’ in Odisha at all. That’s what is known as ‘Naveen magic’ so enigmatic and so mystical as to inspire world philosophers to conduct sociological research in the incredible charisma of a reticent, perfectly gentle statesman now leading Odisha to brighter light by the day.

The results, all the same indicate one simple fact so loudly- the people of Odisha are immensely


mature and prudent to realise that Naveen at home and Modi at the centre can do wonders as they are respectful to each other. They can bring such projects and schemes onto the state as will bring fame to both.

Modi had a resurgent wave by way of an undercurrent; but Naveen magic was openly seen and felt all along. The final results show Naveen has no match on the planet as a statesman who has ruled an Indian state for two and a half decades at one stretch, and with an astoundingly ascending number of seats successively. Naveen is back with a whopping 112 Assembly seats when the most of the regions have been crushed by the saffron hammer!

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