By Biswaraj Patnaik in Puri, May 18, 2018: The world’s largest democracy has attained great glory today, for the single reason of having a great judiciary.

The Supreme Court opened its doors to the knock of a distressed political entity that deserved to be invited to form government and prove majority on the floor of the house within a reasonably quick time. There was a midnight hearing, and it continued for the next two consecutive days. On the third day, the Apex court ruled that the BJP has to prove majority on the floor of the house on 19 May which is only within two days of wrongful oath taking by the minority BJP outfit.

The Constitution-ignorant Karnataka governor not only created a shameful precedence but also granted a long rope or fifteen days to garner support by any means and prove majority. He indirectly facilitated the process of horse-trading by the cash-rich BJP. Finally, the Supreme Court, principal protector of democratic structure and spirit, has ruled plainly that the floor test be conducted within 28 hours. All this became so easy for the Supreme Court because the BJP as claimed publicly, could not provide any document to convince the court that it had the magic number to remain in power by passing the floor test.

Now that there is hardly any time available to the crooks in the BJP fold to buy off potential defectors and betrayers from among the Congress-JD(S) team, it looks obvious that the BJP will be put to shame by being demolished on the floor on Saturday evening, the 19 May, 2018.

A million salutes to the Indian Supreme Court from being firm on principles in doling out justice. The judges realised the gravity and emergency of the issue and sat to adjudicate at lightning speed, even without taking adequate rest.

It may be recalled that the BJP-loyalist governors in Goa and Manipur had brazenly cheated the nation by ignoring the entities with highest victors. They had rolled out the red carpet for the trailing BJP leaders without the magic number of victors. Unfortunately, the deserving victors then did not have much choice left as precedence was only being created by the spineless, self-serving governors.

Now the Karnataka precedence is cited by Goa and Manipur opposition parties to stake claim with their respective governors to form government. Amit Shah, for sure, has lost sleep, appetite for food and peace of mind apart from the regularly burrowed wits from market wizards.

The Karnataka election results have caused enormous excitement. Most certainly, the BJP has lost all respect and credibility for displaying vulgarly baseless overconfidence and arrogant behaviour. The saffron party has miserably failed to hit the magic number of 112. The contending Congress lawfully entered into a post-poll alliance with JD(S) to come up with 117 legislators, five beyond the magic figure of 112. Yet the servile governor took orders from the bosses remain indifferent to the legitimate demand placed by the Congress-JD(s) combine.

The Constitutional Bench comprising Justices A.K. Sikri, S.A. Bobde and Ashok Bhushan will remain in history for all times to come for proving to be amazingly judicious about giving justice to the deprived. Indians feel a great deal safer and much more secure that the judiciary of the country is still strong, skilled and prompt and fearless in giving justice to the deprived and the distressed no matter what the situation.

Rightly, as the Constitutional provisions have made clear, the Supreme Court had refused to stay the swearing-in of B.S Yeddyurappa as the Chief Minister for the floor of the house is the only forum where fates of legislators are to be decided. But the judges could smell the sinister design of engaging in horse trading by the BJP super brains. So fifteen days of trading time was reduced to 28 hours only.

Long live the Indian Judiciary for doing its best to protect the democratic fabric and spirit of the great nation.

Yedurappa is also going to create history for being written off as a one-day chief minister enjoying only worries and anxieties across the tenure. In case he passes the floor test, there is going to be terrible trouble for him and the saffron brigade.

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