BY BISWARAJ PATNAIK IN PURI, August 29, 2017: Until only August 25, rape accused Gurmeet Singh wielded enormous power. He was so brazenly audacious that he came in a 250-vehicle motorcade to hear the verdict of the CBI court. The Haryana government was in awe of him and it provided him with a ‘Z plus’ category security cover consisting of thirty six military, paramilitary and police personnel.The huge motorcade kept swelling on the way,  to nearly five hundred private vehicles, containing mad followers and goons with guns.

Gurmeet was an errand-running tractor driver before becoming godman by extreme guile and wicked designs with help from goon friends. The successive Haryana governments had ensured that the former tractor driver got the most dignified treatment as if without him on their side, all captive vote banks would vanish. The present Khattar administration had remained especially glued to Gurmeet who was capable of directing his countless followers where to vote. The BJP leaders had taken the criminal’s help to get victory in the last elections. BJP leaders are known to keep merrily coughing out cash in the range of half a crore or more rupees to keep him in good humour.

Most people had expected the CBI investigation to go on forever or conclude over acquittal of the beastly rapist, as they believed no witness would show up or turn hostile. But two young victim girls had decided to fight on, no matter what. They wrote to Atal Bihari Vajpayee about the rapist Dera chief. The matter spilled out and the High Court took suomotu cognizance and directed the CBI to investigate lest the local crime branch would do a filthy job to cover up the crime under pressure from the corrupt politicians friendly with the Dera fellow.

But never once did the victim girls change their statements, courageously resolute that they were. The CBI judge too did a most marvelously judicious job. Just until the verdict of conviction was read out, the rapist and his mad followers were heard boasting about how they would bring the government to its knees should they back out at any moment and the verdict went against him.

All hell broke loose, and the following rampage and violent riot are now part of fresh history. Thirty two rioters have been killed by security forces. The situation turned so bad that the armed forces had to be brought in place. Even after all this, the former criminal was taken to jail in a luxury helicopter by the state police and the concubine accompanied him like shadow, a huge suitcase in hand. More shockingly the additional advocate general of Haryana carried Gurmeet’s baggage like a coolie.

Two days later on 28 August the quantum of punishment was declared right in the prison premises. By now the imposter’s arrogance had vanished completely after experiencing the power of the judiciary. The habitual rapist had lost all wits by now.

He had imagined earlier his countless followers would beat the hell out of the judicial and administrative officials if the verdict went against him, as the state police was serving him like a pack of slaves.

When the twenty-year rigorous imprisonment was read out, he broke down anddropped on knees to plead for forgiveness and mercy, weeping. The usual thunderous threats of ‘dire consequences’ were not any more heard. He had imagined that the judge would acquit him out of fear.

The baba is now sleeping on the jail floor and eating chapatti and pickles from the jail kitchen. No one knows where the young concubine has landed.

Gurmeet grabbed the Dera throne at twenty three. Soon he began enjoying life like a depraved Arab shaikh. Believably, he has duped nearly one hundred million people from across the living planet into believing he is a miracle agent of God . Countless young daughters, wives and sisters of trusting devotees have been deceived and raped in a luxury cave into which only the closest people have access. The concubine in question is only a devotee’s young wife called Honeypreet Kaur.

Surprisingly, some of the womenhave told the CBI sleuths that they have not been raped; Baba has only cleansedtheir bodies of sins and blemishes.

Gurmeet is also accused of murdering Sirsa-based journalist Ram Chander Chatrapati, who had written about his illegal activities.

The crook is married and has two grown daughters and one son, all engaged in the Dera activities and enjoying a royal life.

The Dera Baba is also singer, dancer and movie maker. The concubine was the female lead and director of his movies in which he is projected as superman, batman, spider man and shakti man rolled into one.

Gurmeet’s father Maghar Singh was a landlord who came in touch with the Dera Sacha Sauda pretty early in life. The dera founded by Baba Balochistani Beparwah Mastanaji attracted followers from the backward and dalit sections of society, who couldn’t get the equality that Sikhism promised. Maghar Singh devoted a lot of time in spreading Satnam’s spiritual thoughts. Gurmeet wasn’t spiritual at all but accompanied his father to the Dera.

Gurmeet Singh’s close friend one Gurjant Singh was jailed for some ‘revenge murder’. He was radicalised by separatist Khalistani militants in jail. Once out, Gurjant chose to become a Khalistani terrorist and rose quickly in the ranks because of his terror tricks. Gurmeet around this time was a full-time inmate of the dera, doing odd jobs, driving a tractor or assisting his father in rendering services.

In an unexpected announcement, ‘dera’ head Shah Satnam announced retirement and looked for the fittest successor among three contenders including Gurmeet. No one knows why Shah Satnam all on a sudden chose and anointed Gurmeet Singh as his successor and gave him the name Huzoor Maharaj Gurmeet Ram Rahim. People in Sirsa say dreaded criminal Gurjant Singh pulled a gun to Satnam’s head to have friend Gurmeet chosen as successor. Even though there is no evidence, people still attribute Gurmeet’s rise to Gurjant’s notoriety. Gurjant was later killed by the security forces in Mohali.

Thus Ram Rahim Singh Insaan took over the ‘Dera Sacha Sauda’, a socio-spiritual organisation from September 23, 1990.

There are now nearly ten million mad followers in three contiguous states who would do anything for the former tractor-driver. The windfall fortune drove Gurmeet insane, who lost no opportunity in taking advantage of the incredible ‘fan following’ and the resultant millions of rupees that came flowing his way.

The imposter is a skilled actor–singer who became sure that he could successfully get into business with the mad fans playing his brand ambassadors. Hence the MSG trade name- a moniker formed by using the names of the three dera chiefs so far— M for Shah Mastana, S for Shah Satnam, and G for Gurmeet Ram Rahim. The ‘MSG’ range of products are touted to be completely indigenous and organic to attract attention of consciousness buyers. The business is looked after by the Dera chief’s children.

Gurmeet is married to Harjeet Kaur and has two daughters – Charanpreet Kaur and Amarpreet Kaur, and a son named Jasmeet Singh.

Gurmeet alias Ramrahim is said to play a wide range of games including volleyball, kabaddi, lawn tennis, cricket, football, billiards, table tennis, snooker, basketball, water polo and more. He has received an honorary doctorate degree from the UK-based World Records University. Ram Rahim has 53 world records in various categories, out of which 17 are Guinness records, 27 are Asia Book records, 7 India Book records and 2 are Limca records.

Basically, Babaji’s personality is an all-round one, which we considered. In the five years of India operations, the university has awarded around 100 Indians so far. So far, he has written, produced, directed and acted in three movies. He has also been honoured with most popular Actor, Director and Writer award by Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation created by his cronies.

He also keeps claiming to have studied MBBS and abandoned halfway to pursue nobler things in life. But the core truth is that he is only a 10th class dropout.

Gurmeet has earned the ire of Sikh radicals who accuse him of allegedly dressing-up as the tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh. Punjab had been on the boil for quite some time in the past.  Some say, wrongly though, Ram Rahim has committed more heinous crime than Kasab who had killed innocent people in Mumbai in a terror attack.

Despite the anarchy, riot and mayhem in Haryana emanating from the ‘Ramrahim Insan Baba’s heinous crime and punishment process, the BJP leaders did not feel remorse over the matter one bit; they on the contrary kept on crying hoarse in support of the lecher saying the previous Congress regime was equally bad too.

Several  women too did not feel shame to defend him at television talk shows saying that he was a prominent social worker. Amit Shah or Modi have not once asked Khattar to step down in the wake of a huge controversy relating to Khattar’s express support to the lecher.

Lastly, the country of India is heaving a sigh of relief that the Judiciary is so perfectly functional. The country will remain safe from the danger of politician-criminal nexus, for sure. A couple of salutes to the two young girls and the bravest judge on record Shri Jagdeep Singh who gave a tongue lashing to the rapist baba saying, “He did not even spare his own pious disciples who trusted him blindly and had acted like a wild beast. Ram Rahim’s deeds have caused irreparable damages… to the heritage of this ancient land.”

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