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About BizOdisha

Today, India is celebrating 64th  Independence Day. We have witnessed the growth of the country in all these years. A large number of states including Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat, Maharashra and the Southern region have gone up in the ladder.

But, the paradox is that the mineral and natural resource rich Odisha, lags behind in the race and ranks as one of the five poorest states in the country.

However, Odisha has been on the global radar in the last one decade due to several reasons. One of the main reasons for this mineral rich state being discussed globally is the rapid industrialization during these years.

Odisha government has signed around one hundred Memorandam of Understandings (MoUs) to set up industries in the field of mining, steel, power, roads, IT, pharmaceuticals, ports and tourism. Among the major projects, Posco steel project at Jajpur, Tata steel plant at Kaliganagar, ArcelorMittal’s mega steel project and VedantaUniversity at Puri are included. Some of these projects are also controversial due to several reasons.

This apart, the number of engineering and management colleges is also growing year after year in the state. More and more students from across the country are coming to join these academic institutes. The population of young professionals from outside the state is also swelling. 

Odisha is also a tourist destination due to Puri, Chilka and other spots which attract tourists from throughout the globe.

This rapid industrialization, emergence of an educational hub and tourism  have generated curiosity among the people across the society within and outside the state to know the minute details of these upcoming projects, educational institutes and tourist places.

The people feel that the space given to the business and finance news of the state in the local and national media is not adequate. The information flow in this segment should be in-depth and extensive.

Taking a cue from this, a group of journalists and writers, having origin in Odisha,  from across the country have decided to float Odisha’s first business and finance portal which would provide news and analysis on the current business and financial trends of the state.

The website will provide news and analysis on the developments related to business, finance, industry, Odisha govt’s economic plans and policies, IT, Phamaceuticals,  Agriculture, Roads, Ports, Tourism & Hotel industries, business schools, Odiya film industry and political economy.


The website has been made interactive which will provide a platform for the corporate heads, political leadership and the civil society activists to interact with each other. The opinion of the leaders of these segments will be sought on various important issues in the form of interviews and articles.

The special focus of this website will be the Letters to the Editor section where the web visitors can share their opinion and concerns. The editorial team will answer to their queries on different aspects of business and finance. 

The website will hold seminars, conferences, workshops and educative programmes on the current issues of state business and finance to give direction to move forward to policy makers as well as the people at large.

Team BizOdisha will always be open to the ideas and suggestions to incorporate the same in the news portal to keep pace with the changing times.

With best wishes,

Nageshwar Patnaik
Handset:  9437003532



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