By Bizodisha Bureau, Bhubaneswar, September 11, 2022: Odisha Government Contractual Employees Association (OGCEA) members on Sunday staged a protest here demanding the abolition of the contractual appoint

Thousands of contractual employees working in different Odisha government departments on Sunday staged a massive demonstration demanding total abolition of the contractual appointment system in the state administration

Amidst heavy rains on Sunday, the members of the Odisha Government Contractual Employees Association (OGCEA) including teachers, police, assistants and other Class-III employees from across the state assembled at the Mahatma Gandhi Marg to demand uniform service rules for all categories of employees.

Thousands of contractual employees staged a massive demonstration asking the government to completely abolish the contractual appointment system in the state administration.

Bijay Kumar Malla, president of OGCEA said, “We have been taken for granted by the government which appointed us on contractual basis on the plea to strengthen the financial condition of the state which was hit by a resource crunch.”

The association kept forward the grievances of the contractual employees who are appointed after clearing the competitive examinations for a period of mere 6 years. Despite being highly educated, the employees draw a paltry salary, the association added

Anita Behera, a woman contractual employee. in the government raised questions saying, “It is sheer discrimination by the government. While the regular employees get good salary, we are given a paltry salary. Are the regular employees purchasing petrol at higher price than us or they pay more while getting their rations?”
Behera also pointed out that the contractual job of six years is not counted in actual service period, delaying their promotions by half a dozen years.

Contractual employees are also not given the general benefits provided to regular employees like DA (Dearness Allowance), HRA (House Rent Allowance) and others.

“We have a genuine demand of equal pay for equal work as the contractual employees also perform the same duty as the regular staff,” Malla said.
The Association has also demanded implementation of one rule for all government employees.

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