By Bizodisha Bureau, August 1, 2018, Bhubaneswar:  Odisha successfully auctioned 200 MW solar tariffs on Tuesday’s auction ranging between Rs 2.79 and Rs 3.20 per unit ranging between Rs 2.79 and Rs 3.20 per unit.

In fact, it was lower than the lowest prices found in auctions in Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Gujarat this year, officials said.

There were concerns about the possible rise in tariff as it was first auction held after India imposed safeguard duty on solar panels and modules.

Safeguard duty of 25% on solar equipment from China and Malaysia came into effect from Monday. Around 90% of solar panels and modules used in Indian projects come from these two countries.

Directorate General of Trade Remedies (DGTR) imposed safeguard duty on solar equipment with effect from Monday, saying largescale imports were causing serious injury to domestic manufacturers.

The biggest winner was Aditya Birla Renewables that got 75MW at Rs 2.79 per unit, followed by Eden Renewable Varenne that got 50MW at Rs 3.19 per unit. Acme Solar won 30MW at Rs 3.20 per unit, while Sukhbir Agro and Gupta Power Infrastructure got 25MW and 20MW, respectively, both at Rs 3.19 per unit.

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